Reiki is a wonderful gift to be given and received.  Receiving Reiki is a privilege and a gift from the Universe.

Many people look to having a Reiki treatment for many reasons. Whether there is illness, mental or emotional pain, Reiki will benefit you in a loving and positive way.

Your comfort and sense of safety is of paramount importance.

An initial treatment will take approximately 90 minutes  which includes the Reiki as well as time to discuss details prior to treatment as well as discuss anything that might come up after the treatment.

I will  want to know a  little bit about your health, as well as any issues that you might feel that  you need to address.

During a treatment you will keep all your clothes on and lie on a padded table in a warm room. Music will be played as an option.

I will place my hands on or over the body on different areas where the energy is needed. No intimate areas will be touched. Reiki energy will flow as long as it is needed in that specific area, whilst I intuitively move to where the energy is needed.

Sometimes heat or cold can be felt by the receiver and although this might feel good, it is not necessary to know that Reiki is working. Reiki is working, even if there is no sensation felt by the receiver.

The receiver might experience different emotions, see colours or just be aware of a sense of love and peace. Nothing is wrong, as Reiki can never do harm – It is pure love.

When you first have Reiki it is recommended that you have 3 treatments within a period of 14 days to allow the body to work through processes and detoxify where necessary.

After that I would recommend that you have treatments  either weekly or monthly, or as you require.

People tell me that once they have experienced a Reiki treatment, they find it beneficial to continue to receive treatments.

Distant Treatments

With this sort of treatment, it means that you do not have to be with the practitioner,but can be anywhere in the world. Reiki energy connects  the practitioner and the receiver. Reiki energy will flow and the practitioner will be able to send it to where ever you are.

This treatment takes 30 minutes.  It is a good idea to make a time so that the treatment can be given when the receiver is in a quiet place and resting where possible. Even if the receiver is asleep at the time, Reiki energy will be received.

Treatments will be done as if you are with me in the room.  I will work intuitively and you might feel the energy as I work.

You can contact me should you require any Distant Treatments, either on yourself or your animals.