What can Reiki be used for ?

Reiki benefits all life:- It enhances one’s own healing abilities.

Pregnancy It is safe in pregnancy
Babies Babies enjoy the benefits of Reiki, but do not need as much as an adult would need
Toddlers Reiki can be given for a slightly longer time than for babies.
Hyperactive children Works well-benefits them on all levels.
Older People Some seem to be lower in life-force energy and therefore a few minutes of Reiki can be immensely beneficial.
Plants Plants and seeds benefit as as we pass on the same concentrated life-force energy. Plants will thrive, grow with more abundance. Plants will often have a longer life-span if given Reiki.
Animals Animals, like humans feel the same emotions and therefore respond well to Reiki.  Reiki can benefit the animal to relieve pain as well as calm the mind.It can speed up the healing process. Giving them Reiki supports them and puts them in a space to heal themselves.


Reiki should never be forced on anyone.

What can Reiki do?

Often healing takes place on a different level, not necessarily what we expect or want. Reiki creates balance and harmony in all aspects of our life.

We are tool-givers, or facilitators. We are not healers. The healing energy goes through us and goes to where it is needed.

  • Reiki works on all aspect of the body – mind, spirit, emotions and on the physical body
  • Reiki will provide a deep relaxation, creating a sense of peace and wellbeing.
  • Reiki works in conjunction with all other healing modalities, not taking the place of, but supporting and enhancing where it is needed.
  • Reiki can dissolve fear and anxiety and bring us to a greater sense of peace.
  • Reiki is there for us to use but should not take the place of medication or physician treatments. They can work well together.

Reiki techniques for the above will be taught in my classes.