Reiki is an ancient healing method which originated many centuries ago and was re-discovered during the 19th Century in Japan.

Reiki is a Japanese word and is pronounced ray-key. This word means universal life force, or universally-guided energy.

Rei means Universal/Spirit. This is the energy that comes from Spirit.

Ki means Life Force. This is the energy that flows through all living things, whether they be animal, plant or human.

Reiki energy is a non-physical healing energy, which is guided by Higher Intelligence life-force energy. The energy can not be guided mentally, so the practitioner’s experience or ability does not influence it. Reiki does no harm. Reiki is ┬ánon-denominational and is practised by people of different beliefs.

Reiki can work in the unconscious part of the mind and body, eliminating negative thoughts and feelings. This in turn restores a positive healthy flow of energy to the unconscious mind and body – thus creating a balanced system.