I was born in Vereeniging, South Africa in 1955.

My journey with Reiki began in 1997. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and an Aromatherapist and worked helping people feel better about themselves. I decided to enrol in a Reiki 1 course with a wonderful teacher-Patsy Johnson. I began to feel drawn to the spiritual aspect of life in a deeper way and continued with Reiki 2. My path changed and I started to share Reiki with clients and opened a practice. The feeling of comfort and attachment to the Universe became so strong and I knew that Reiki was a path I needed to travel. I completed my Masters in 1998. I gained my certificate in Wholism Healing in 1998 which complemented my work.

My love for all animals is huge and I worked in an animal shelter where I managed a wild-life unit as well as a horse unit. I obtained my Diploma in Horse Management. I trained further and worked as a Veterinary Nurse and enjoyed theatre work as well as the after-care of all animals. Reiki was an integral part of my work with animals. I found that abused horses, indeed all animals, responded to my touch and I could sense and feel the calmness that emanated from them.

Animals feel as we do, and therefore the Reiki touch and healing was of paramount importance to them, as was the love that was given.

My three beautiful children: Andrew, Tarryn, James and myself emigrated to New Zealand at the end of 1998. We love it here and feel deeply blessed to be amongst such beauty and peace.

I worked as a Veterinary Nurse when I arrived and graduated to opening my own practice again, giving Reiki treatments as well as offering aromatherapy massage. I worked with race-horses, giving treatment for those that were injured or showed behavioural problems.

I studied further and completed my Animal Welfare Inspector training in which I worked for three years. Incorporated into my work, Reiki once again became a strong factor in helping abused and injured animals.

I felt that I needed to concentrate more on my Reiki and trained with Uli Brell as a Reiki Teacher. This time spent learning was extremely meaningful for me and changed my life considerably. I felt a deep connection and belonging to the Universe and found that Reiki became part of my everyday existence..

I have decided to work as a Reiki practitioner as well as a Teacher, which is a great honour for me to be able to do.

I now offer classes, treatments as well as treatments for all animals – large and small, furry or scaled.